Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference IV November 4-6, 2022

Medical Marijuana: Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmacists

Practical cannabis knowledge for pharmacists
16 Nov 2016
Clinicians Classroom

Medical Marijuana: Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmacists

The US Government’s Schedule 1 designation for cannabis is very confusing. How can the components extracted from cannabis, which has showed so much promise, be classified in the same category as Heroin and LSD? How can the federal government outlaw cannabis on one hand, while allowing the study and limited distribution of it on the other hand?  Joseph Friedman, Registered Pharmacist and Illinois dispensary owner, clearly and eloquently guides us through this schizophrenic topic.

1. Recognize the political and legal challenges that currently exist for cannabis pharmacists.

2. Discuss the health benefits and possible side effects for patients using medical marijuana for health related conditions.

3. Discuss considerations for appropriate dosing, delivery systems, product line extensions, and supply chain options.

4. Improve the pharmacist’s ability to address the practical aspects of clinical knowledge and critical patient involvement needed in our nation’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry.