Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference IV November 4-6, 2022
Osnat Almogi-Hazan PhD

Uwe Blesching PhD

The breakout star of MJ for MDs 2018 is back with a new book Your THC - CBD Ratio. Dr Blesching describes the highly individual experience of pain relief versus intoxication through neurotransmitter pathways and levels in a way you can apply to patient care.

Hervé Damas MD

Dr Damas received his MD following a career in professional football with the Buffalo Bills.  He now practices cannabis medicine in Miami, FL.  Hear about his work helping retired athletes recover from sports related health issues.

Reuven Or, PhD

Dr Or will discuss "Cancer, Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation, and Cannabis – Experience in the Clinic and in the Laboratory" based on his work at Hadassah University Medical Center in Isarael.

Mara Gordon

The doyen of cannabis and cancer care will highlight her work designing cannabis treatment plans for cancer, autism spectrum disorders, and more. Ms Gordon has provided medicines and advice for hundreds of patients and research studies, including work with Dr Christina Sanchez.

Martha Montemayor, CNC

Ms Montemayor speaks on Routes of Administration for Cannabis Medicines, including information on Basic Dosing & Titrating for clinicians. She is the author of the Cannabis Clinicians Colorado Medical Marijuana New Patient Success Guide.